Sports Bar and Townhouses Discussed at P&Z

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Among the items on the Planning and Zoning agenda Thursday night were a new sports bar and a new townhouse development. The owners of the sports bar, which will be located behind Cane's at Sullivan and Wax, were requesting that the establishment be rezoned as CAB2. This was an item that heard lots of public comments from citizens on both sides of the issue. The bar, which would be open only to patrons aged 21 and older, had the proposed name "Wildcat Sports Bar." Proponents stated that they would like an establishment of this nature in Central, while opponents cited safety concerns, community image, and apprehension about the Central schools' mascot being used as the name. After taking many public comments, the Planning and Zoning commission voted unanimously to allow the sports bar, with the added stipulation that "Wildcat" not be used in the name, as they do not want it to appear as if the establishment is somehow related to the high school or available to high school students. The item will go before City Council before the decision is finalized.

The proposed townhouse development came up next, with several local residents speaking out against it, fearing added traffic congestion and more sewage and drainage problems. It was also pointed out that the proposed site for the townhomes, on Triple B Road, was set aside in the as-yet unapproved version of the Master Plan as rural-agricultural. The concept was generally accepted as being a good one, but there are too many potential issues with building at that site, and the commission unanimously rejected the proposition for that location.


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