Large Post-Election Turnout at City Council

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The Central City Council met Tuesday night at Kristenwood in the first meeting since the election. All of the political awareness brought about by the campaigns seems to have people either interested in the process or wanting to become involved. With somewhere near 100 citizens in attendance, this was probably the largest "routine" council meeting in the past few years. Controversial issues sometimes fill the room with attendees, but with no "hot" issue being discussed, the turnout was encouraging.

Sheriff Sid Gautreaux addressed the Council, explaining the need for renewal of the tax millage in support of the Sheriff’s Department in the upcoming election. Mayor Watts then asked for Council approval for the appointment of Suzanne Cowart, a local CPA, as the part-time City Finance Director. After lengthy discussion, she was appointed on a temporary basis while the interview process is extended. Mr. Washington deferred two items of discussion regarding CH2MHill until the next meeting.

Phil Miley was then appointed as the Administrative Hearing Officer for the city as well as the Magistrate of the Mayor’s Court. Some discussion was had regarding the constitutionality of the Mayor’s Court concept and the decision was to proceed with the concept, which is identical to other such courts around the state. Finally, Mr DeJohn requested a discussion of the City’s rights to declare ownership of servitudes and streets so that Central, and not EBR Parish, would recieve royalties and use fees for this property instead of the Parish. Further discussion of the matter was to be scheduled for a future meeting.