Six Questions for the Candidates

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These six questions were sent in with the request that the questions be made available for the candidates to read and answer. We invite the candidates for the March 27 election to take a moment to respond to these quetions in the comments section at the bottome of the article, as we would like to encourage open communication between Central citizens and their government.

1- Are you in favor of a city life in central or of a 7 mile drive to enjoy city living?

2- Are you in favor of the landscapes vision or of concrete buildings through the city of Central?

3- Where would you like the business/city center to be located?

4- How big will the corner of Wax Road and Sullivan be allowed to grow?

5- How would you protect the house value and safety of neighborhoods in growing areas? (Some neighborhoods in Central are experiencing a rise in thefts, etc.)

6- How would you protect the subdivision near Wax Road and Sullivan specifically- so thier children continue to enjoy a safe neighborhood?


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