Central School Taxes Compared to Zachary & Livingston

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Central voters go to the polls this Saturday to decide whether to support the Central School System with additional sales and property taxes.  How do these proposed taxes compare to the very successful neighboring school systems of Zachary & Livingston Parish?

Livingston has a 2.5% sales tax and an 85.35 Mill property tax.

Zachary has a 2% sales tax and a 79.20 Mill property tax.

Central currently has a 2% sales tax and 43.5 Mills of property tax.

If all three propositions on the ballot this Saturday pass, Central will have a 2.5% sales tax and 67.10 Mills of property tax.  Central would then also have safe, quality school buildings in which to educate the children of this community.  We would also have the lowest taxes of these three school systems and arguably the best schools in the greater Baton Rouge area.

These statistics come directly from the 2007/2008 audited financial statements of these school systems.